Zopec Explore - The Only UPS Batteries Designed for Sleep

Universal CPAP, BiPap and Oxygen UPS Batteries

Welcome to Zopec Explore! The 2021 Models that you have been waiting for are here!

Introduction Videos


Product Specifications and Battery Run Time

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Detailed Product information

    • Professional Series (click to see product details):
      1. Explore Oxygen "the Beast" (576 Wh, Platinum UPS Level)
      2. Explore 8000 (288 Wh, Gold UPS Level)
      3. Explore 5500 (160 Wh, Gold UPS Level)
    • Portable Series (click to see product details):
      1. Explore 8200 (288 Wh, Silver UPS Level)
      2. Explore 5700 (160 Wh, Silver UPS Level)
      3. Explore 4000 (130 Wh, Silver UPS Level)
      4. Explore Mini (98 Wh, Silver UPS Level)


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What inspired Zopec Medical to develop UPS Batteries for Sleep?

    Hi! My name is Strong and I designed the Zopec Explore UPS batteries for sleep. I have severe sleep apnea (AHI = 43). Whenever a power outage occurred, it used to wake me up when the air flow stopped. Once I was awake, I had a hard time falling back asleep. I use an Auto CPAP at pressure of 16 (90%) with humidifier and heated tube at medium settings. At first, I tried CPAP batteries but none of them had UPS built-in that I could plug in 24/7 without hurting the battery life. Also, all of them only lasted 2 - 3 hours but I wanted 8 hours in case a power outage occurs right after I fall asleep. Next, I tried UPS batteries for PC's and that was a disaster. They were large and heavy, had noisy fans and only lasted like 15 - 20 minutes. As a chemical engineer, I realized the need and started working on Zopec Explore in 2018. After 3 years, the 2021 models are the best I have designed to provide uninterrupted sleep and the freedom to travel. Since not all patients use humidifier and heated tube, I created 7 models and they are divided into the Professional Series and the Portable Series. Please CLICK HERE to see the introduction video of the 2021 Zopec Explore UPS Batteries.


    2. How is UPS Battery Different from Other CPAP Batteries?

    Zopec Explore are the only CPAP batteries with UPS built-In, which means all of them have 3 Modules: Wall Power Pass-Through, Power Outage Detection Plus AutoSwitch, and Reserve Battery Power. The other CPAP batteries don't have the first 2 modules. The Wall Power Pass-Through Module is an internal circuit that allows the wall power to run the CPAP machine directly without going through the battery cells. This way, we can plug-in 24/7 for UPS protection without hurting the battery life. (Note: UPS battery is different than a battery doing trickle charge, which always uses the battery and would hurt the battery life if plugged-in 24/7). The Power Outage Detection Plus AutoSwitch Module has sensors that monitor the power going through the Pass-Through. If a loss of power is detected (power outage), then it will AutoSwitch to battery power in a few millionth of a second. You would sleep through the power outage without even knowing it occurred! The Reserve Battery Power Module is the standby reserve power or the battery capacity like other CPAP batteries. Please CLICK HERE for a video to learn more details about the Zopec Explore UPS Technology.


    3. How is Zopec Explore Different from UPS Batteries for PC's?

    Zopec Explore UPS Batteries for sleep is far different than UPS batteries for PC's. The UPS batteries for PC's are designed to protect damages from improper shutdown. The standby battery power only needs to support 15 - 20 minutes for the users to shutdown properly or for the generator power to kick in. They are large and heavy because they use lead-acid batteries and could have 10 or more built-in AC Outlets. They also have large cooling fans which are very noisy. Zopec Explore UPS Batteries use the best Panasonic Lithium Ion cells so we can have the smallest and lightest portable UPS batteries. The Panasonic technology is normally >90% lighter than lead-acid batteries! Instead of 15 - 20 minutes of reserve power, we have a minimum of 8 hours reserve power even if heated humidifier and heated tube are used. In addition, we need complete silence to sleep so all 2021 models are 100% silent with solid state Peltier cooling system!