Zopec Explore Product Specifications

All Zopec Explore batteries have dual functions of 24/7 power outage uninteruptible power supply (UPS) protection and ultra small and lightweight for travel. Zopec Explore can support any pressure (CPAP/BiPap/ASV/ST), heated humidifier and heated tube settings with a minimum 8 hours of sleep! Our battery design approach is unique because we design based on patient therapy settings. We don't fit all patient settings into one battery because it is not ideal. That is why we have 7 options for patients. We have 3 categories of batteries (silver, gold, platinum) because there are 3 CPAP components that draw power - CPAP/BiPap, Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube. This way, patients get the smallest and lightest battery based on individual therapy settings. For example, someone who needs a small battery for a travel CPAP does not need a larger battery that can run a BiPap, heated humidifier and heated tube for 8 hours. 
  1. Silver Level - For CPAP/BiPap use only.
  2. Gold Level  - For CPAP/BiPap use with Heated Humidifier only. No Heated Tube.
  3. Platinum Level  - For CPAP/BiPap with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube.