About Us

Zopec Medical - Our History 

14 Years of Innovation Excellence in Home Medical Products

Zopec Medical was established in 2006. Our focus is in the development, distribution and sales of home medical products within the area of Neuropathy Therapy, Pain Management, CPAP Power Solutions, Orthotics and N95 Respiratory Masks. These products we provide are used in both Western and Alternative Medicine. Our customers include hospitals, clinics, chiropractic centers, distributors of medical equipment, and end users. Here are our company's major milestones:

1. In 2014, we launched the DT-600, DT-900, and DT-1200 Electrotherapy Devices to provide drug-free relief for Peripheral Neuropathy and Body Pain.
2. In 2016, we launched the Hydro-Dynamic Balancing Insoles to assist Foot Neuropathy patients with balance.
3. In 2019, we launched the Zopec Explore CPAP Batteries for travel and uninterrupted back-up power.
4. In 2020, we launched the Envo N95 Respiratory Mask that provides 100% Seal Protection.

Zopec Explore LLC. is a subsidiary of Zopec Medical LLC. that focuses on the development, distribution and sales of Zopec Explore CPAP Batteries.

Mission Statement

We work diligently everyday to bring innovative, safe, and effective medical products to improve people's health and quality of life.

Quality Policy

All of us at Zopec Medical work hard to provide the highest quality products for our customers. We stand by our quality so we built our promise and quality standard in our name - ZOPEC, which stands for:

Z = Zero Defect

O = On-Time Delivery

P = Product Consistency

E = Exceeding Customer Expectations

C = Competitive Cost 

As our customers, you will get our products and services that meet the Zopec standard. We look forward to working with you!