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"Zopec Medical is a leading manufacturer of small, lightweight and medical grade UPS batteries for biomedical equipment. Specifically for respiratory therapy, we provide transport and UPS backup solutions for High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC), Heated Humidifiers, High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation (HFOV), Ventilators, Cooling Devices, Neonatal Isollets, PAP machines, home oxygen, and more. Our batteries are being used worldwide and customers include Hospitals, Air Medical Transport teams, Ambulance Transport teams and Homecare DME's. Our mission is to provide innovative, safe and effective medical products to improve patient care and save lives."


UPS 90 Pure - Medical Grade

Zopec Transport UPS batteries are the world's smallest and lightest for Nasal High Flow transport. With pure sine wave, the UPS 90 Pure is the first small transport battery for F&P MR850, Hamilton H900 and Medline Neptune heaters. UPS 90 transports F&P Opti-Flow for 70 minutes at 60 L/Min and 37C. Dimensions are 11.5" L x 6.5" W x 2.0" H and weight is 5.0 lbs. Compatible with F&P Airvo2, heaters, Tecotherm Neo, Aerogen, Airborne Isolette, Oscillators 3100A/B, Jet Vent, etc.


Battery for Heated Humidifiers and Stationary Oxygen Concentrators

4XL Pure

The 4XL is designed for ambulances that need to run heated humidifiers (i.e. MR850, H900, Neptune) for nasal high flow during transport. It will run 6 hours at 37C and 60 L/Min.

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8XL Pure

The 8XL is designed to be a backup power for stationary oxygen concentrators. It will run 5 - 16 hours at 3 - 10 LPM continuous mode. Car charging and Solar charging option available.

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PHOTONS 200 Solar Charger

Portable solar panel charger for the 4XL and 8XL batteries. Ultra-fast charging with high efficiency cells (23% conversion) and increased absorbance surface area. The PHOTONS 200 has an output of 150 - 175 watts with a full sun. From 100% depletion, it charges 4XL or 8 XL in 12 - 16 hours.

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Mobility BATTERIES FOR REHAB, LONG TERM CARE and Homes Respiratory Care

T180 Simulated - Medical Grade

T180 is a great mobility and backup battery for patients on ventilators in rehab or homecare settings. For Vyaire LTV 1150/2000, it runs 9 hours. For home vents like Trilogy, Astral and Vivo, it runs 24 hours. It comes with a car charger and solar charging is available for a separate purchase. Dimensions are 10.0" L x 6.0" W x 3.0" H and weight is 7.5 lbs.

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Auto CPAP and Bi-Level CPAP Machines

Apex Medical Travel Auto CPAP

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Beyond ResPlus Auto CPAP

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Hypnus Auto BiPap ST 730

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EXPLORE CPAP/BPAP Travel Batteries - Medical Grade

When it comes to sleep, battery safety is a must. Our batteries are FDA compliant with IEC 62133-2:2017 for medical device use. The Travel Series batteries are perfect companions for Camping, Air Travel and RV Trips! World's smallest and lightest travel batteries with built-in AC Outlet for CPAP and BPAP machines. Work with all brands and models without adapters! Four battery capacity options for short and long trips. Very versatile and can also power laptops, camera equipment, phones, tablets, lights, and game consoles to support the fun adventures. All models include an universal wall charger and a fast 45W car charger. Three options of Zopec PHOTONS Solar Chargers.

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EXPLORE CPAP/BPAP HOME UPS Backup Batteries - Medical Grade

When it comes to sleep, battery safety is a must. Our batteries are FDA compliant with IEC 62133-2:2017 for medical device use. The Home UPS Backup Series are essential equipment for patients living in power outage prone locations. No more waking up by power outages with CPAP or BPap therapies! Just plug in 24/7 and put under the nightstand. Support heated humidifier and heated tube comfort features. Patients can choose between 3 battery capacity options depending on their favorite settings. With advanced Online Double Conversion UPS, they have Automatic Zero-Time Switch and provide the best power protection. Works with all brands and models without adapters!



Zopec Medical introduce Zopec Voyage. Works with all brands and models without special adapters and converters. Enjoy a long lasting travel CPAP battery with the convenience of SMART PD45W USB-C Lightning Speed port, which charges 3 - 4 times faster! It is compatible with laptops, tablets, smartphones, game consoles with a USB Type-C connector. Three options of Zopec PHOTONS Solar Chargers for different weather conditions.

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PHOTONS Solar Chargers (40, 60, 100)

Premium quality portable solar chargers. 3 DC Output options. Robust built with IP67 protection. Water proof and dust proof. High speed USB-C built-in to charge electronics. Light Absorbing Technology that focuses incident light to charge faster. Top quality monocrystalline solar cells with ~23% conversion efficiency.

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