2021 Models: Zopec Explore Respiratory Care Batteries

7 Models. Most Versatile Respiratory Care Portable Batteries Ever!

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NO MORE "Not Enough Power" Complaints from Patients!

Capacity from 27 Ah to 160 Ah and Unlimited Linking Technology

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Established 2007 in Minneapolis USA, we strive to improve people's lives by providing quality, effective and safe medical products. We engage in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of Class I and II medical devices and accessories. Products include Medical Protective Masks, Sterilizers, Electrotherapy Devices, and Medical Batteries for Travel and Uninterrupted Power. Prices shown are retail prices. Please contact us for distribution opportunities and bulk purchasing prices. Thank you!

Zopec Medical Peripheral Neuropathy and Pain Mangement - Targeted Therapies

Zopec Explore Universal CPAP, BiPap, and Oxygen Rechargeable Batteries (Capacities from 27,000 mah to 160,000 mah plus unlimited linking capability)

  • Zopec EXPLORE Mini Universal CPAP Battery
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  • Zopec EXPLORE 4000 Universal CPAP Battery
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  • Zopec EXPLORE 5500 Universal CPAP and BiPap Battery
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  • Zopec EXPLORE 8000 Universal CPAP and BiPap Battery
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  • Zopec EXPLORE Solar Panel Charger
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  • Zopec EXPLORE Car Charger (12 V DC-DC)
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  • Zopec EXPLORE Universal Power Supply (AC-Adapter)
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  • Zopec Explore 18 inch Power Cord
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Most Powerful and Compact Portable CPAP Battery

Zopec EXPLORE Portable CPAP Batteries were designed with Integrated Wall Outlet (110V, 3 Prong) and Compact Size with Ultra High Capacity. They power all CPAP, APAP, BiPap Machines without confusing adapters, converters or matching voltages. Just like home, plug your machine in the wall outlet and it runs. It is that simple! Our batteries have the same Panasonic Designed Lithium-Ion battery cells as used in Tesla Motor Vehicles. That is why they are Most Efficient, Compact, and Powerful Portable CPAP Batteries on the market. In addition, our CPAP Batteries were designed for medical device back up power and they have the highest standard in safety, quality and reliability. Our CPAP Batteries are all HSA / FSA eligible for reimbursement as well. With our Wall Outlet on the Go, you can Power Almost Anything, Anywhere and Anytime!

PLEASE CLICK HERE to see an introductory video of our Portable CPAP Batteries.  

Four Capacity Models to Meet All Travel and Backup Power Needs

We offer 4 models to suit each individual customer's need.

Zopec EXPLORE MiniFrequent air travelers love the EXPLORE Mini Model because they want something really small and light weight for air travel and working remotely. It is very powerful and can charge laptop and phones simultaneously.  

Zopec EXPLORE 4000: It is perfect for outdoor explorers like RV enthusiasts and campers who can charge with generator during the day and sleep 8 hours at night even at high pressure settings (without humidifier).

Zopec EXPLORE 5500: It is the most powerful and versatile FAA Compliant portable CPAP battery (160Wh). It can power up to 250W so you can power almost anything, anywhere and anytime. Outdoors explorers love it when multi-nights use (without humidifier) is needed without recharging. Also, it is strong enough to run CPAP with Heated Humidifier at mid-level settings for 8 hours. With AutoSwitch Technology, it is perfect for backup power. It fits in any backpack easily! 

Zopec EXPLORE 8000: It is the most powerful portable CPAP battery in the World (288Wh). It is NOT FAA compliant but still small and light weight. Customers love it for either travel or home use at areas prone to power outage. It supports 20 - 34 hours of sleep without humidifier and 8 - 12 hours of sleep with heated humidifier at mid-setting. With AutoSwitch Technology, it ensures uninterrupted sleep in the event of a power outage. For customers who can not sleep without heated humidifier, it is the perfect solution for all uses.

Innovative AutoSwitch Technology for Backup Power

All of our CPAP batteries were designed for medical device back up power and have the AutoSwitch Technology built-in. They provide the best back up power at home for uninterrupted sleep. You can plug in our CPAP Batteries 24/7 for backup power. In normal conditions, the AutoSwitch Technology will bypass the battery power and the machine will run from the wall power outlet. It will not hurt the battery life. In the event of a power outage, you will remain asleep and not even know that you lost power.  You won't be waking up choking from the power outage and have to scramble to hook up to battery power.

Longest Run Time for Heated Humidifier and High Pressure Settings

Higher pressure setting and running with humidifier will take more power. You will get the longest machine run time with our batteries. Many patients can not sleep without heated humidifier and most patients use heated humidifier at home. If you must use heated humidifier, then we have the ONLY portable CPAP battery that will work for you. Our highest capacity CPAP Batteries (EXPLORE 5500, EXPLORE 8000) can support CPAP with Heated Humidifier for 8 - 12 hours at mid-settings. In addition, they can link in series to multiply running time needed with no limit on how many batteries you can link. With 250W max load and AC Outlet, linked batteries can even run portable oxygen concentrators or any device under 250W. Click HERE to see the Run Time Chart for various machine brands and settings.

Powers All CPAP Machines and Most Electronics (under 250W)

The EXPLORE Universal Portable CPAP Batteries are the most versatile CPAP batteries in the world. Why get a CPAP Battery that will only work with your CPAP machine? Our EXPLORE CPAP Batteries can power all CPAP machines and most electronics (under 250W). You can run TV, lights, radio, movie projectors, laptops, phones, and other electronics under 250W. For example, our top 2 models can run a 55" TV (250W)! If the brand of your home CPAP is different than your travel CPAP, then you may need a specific battery and adapter for each machine. With EXPLORE CPAP batteries, they will run both machines no matter what brand/model mix you have.

Three Charging Options and Works Worldwide

The EXPLORE Universal Portable CPAP batteries can be charged by Wall Outlet, Car Charger, and Solar Panel. All models come with Universal Power Supply and works world wide (100 - 240 V and 50 - 60 Hz). The Car Charger is 12V and DC-DC direct charge. The solar panel is also DC-DC direct charge. NOTE: Car Charger and Solar Panel are sold separately.

Customer Testimonials

5.0 out of 5 stars

July 21, 2019

Model: Zopec EXPLORE 5500

508 people found this helpful

Peace of Mind

I just received it, haven't use it yet, but that is a good thing. I live in Florida near Naples that has power outages occasionally in the hurricane season. I bought it for emergencies when the power goes out at night while sleeping. It did charge up real fast. I tested it and the machine runs even when I unplug it from the wall. So far so good.

Linda Johnson, Naples, FL.

5.0 out of 5 stars

August 10, 2019

Model: Zopec EXPLORE 8000

455 people found this helpful

Excellent Device for My DreamStation

I purchased the Zopec Battery due to occasional electrical outages in my neighborhood due to CA wildfires. To avoid the problems associated with losing power while wearing my CPAP, I previously connected my CPAP to an universal power supply (UPS), but the UPS could only power my CPAP for a very short time period during electrical outages. Therefore, I purchased the Zopec Battery, since it can supply power for several nights. The Zopec Battery has worked perfectly.

During my recent vacation, I typically did not connect to an electrical outlet and only used the Zopec Battery to power my CPAP all night. Once again, the Zopec Battery worked perfectly.

Michael Wilson, Santa Rosa, CA

5.0 out of 5 stars

September 5, 2019

Model: Zopec EXPLORE 4000

218 people found this helpful

Works as promised

I used the Zopec Battery this summer in Yellowstone, and it worked exactly as advertised. I had more than two nights CPAP use (I slept about 6.5 hrs each night) on a single charge, and there was sufficient charge left over for a couple phone and iPad recharging. Given it's size and weight, I think the Zopec is ideal, and I highly recommend it for travel and as a home backup battery.

Matthew Cohen, Chicago, IL

5.0 out of 5 stars

October 26, 2019

Model: Zopec EXPLORE 5500

126 people found this helpful

Worked with ResMed Airsense 10

This device made it so that my wife was able to use her CPAP when we stayed in an off-grid cabin at high altitude. She followed the recommended guidance to turn off the humidifier (she does not have a heated hose). She was surprised when she woke up after 9 hours of good sleep and the battery still had 59% charge left, it started the night at about 98% charge. We were able to charge our phones on the reserve power before leaving the cabin. It is small enough to fit in the outer pocket of her CPAP bag but she can't zip that pocket when it is in there.

We really liked that it was less expensive than other CPAP auxiliary power units and that it didn't need any special cables for her CPAP. We will get the solar charger for this unit when we start taking longer off-grid trips.

Jason Thomas, Denver, CO.

5.0 out of 5 stars

September 20, 2019

Model: Zopec EXPLORE 8000

115 people found this helpful

Surpassed My Expectations!

I have a Resmed S9 BiPap, and I got 4 nights sleep out of this battery! It is small and compact and well worth the extra weight in my backpack.

George Murphy, Seattle, WA.

5.0 out of 5 stars

November 5, 2019

Model: Zopec EXPLORE 4000

88 people found this helpful

Great Product

I used the Zopec battery fishing in Montana. I got 7 hours of sleep each night and the machine was still running. I was able to recharge during the day. It is small and light. Worked well for me. It charged up full again in a few hours.

John Baker, Boise, ID.

5.0 out of 5 stars

October 10, 2019

Model: Zopec EXPLORE Mini

149 people found this helpful

Love My Battery!

I do a lot of international travel and need a battery to get me 6 - 8 hours of sleep with my Resmed airmini travel machine. I did not want to pay almost $500 for a resmed battery. I found this online and glad I got it. It works very well for me and I saved a bunch of money.

Lisa Martin, Phoenix, AZ.

5.0 out of 5 stars

August 29, 2019

Model: Zopec EXPLORE 4000

170 People found this helpful

Great for Camping

I went for a weekend camping. This battery worked great. I slept 2 nights with this battery and got 7 hours of sleep each night. I still had about 10% power left. I was so happy that I slept well. I would recommend to any CPAP user. 

David Kennedy, Portland OR.

5.0 out of 5 stars

July 31, 2019

Model: Zopec EXPLORE 5500

106 people found this helpful

Worked for My BiPap

I use it with Dreamstation Pro bipap machine with the setting of 21 with no humidifier. I get over 7 hours which is alot since my settings are very high. I am happy with the purchase. Higher the CPAP setting lower the time you will get from battery.

Richard Larson, Washington, DC.