Warranty & Technical Support

Zopec Medical Limited Warranty Statement

Zopec’s limited warranty is available to the initial consumer and is not transferable. Should covered products fail as a result of normal use, Zopec Medical will replace or repair at it’s discretion the failed parts, components or product in it’s entirety.  Zopec Medical warrants that the device will be free from defects and will perform in accordance with the product specifications for the periods listed here to for in this statement.


Zopec Medical’s limited warranty does not cover:

  • Damage or defect caused by improper use, neglect, device modification or abuse of the product
  • Use of ozone generating devices intended to sanitize product, exposure to ozone or other gases
  • Repairs provided by entities not expressly approved by Zopec Medical
  • Damage caused by smoke, including cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke
  • Damage, infestation or contamination of pests, insects and rodents


This warranty replaces all other expressed or implied warranties, including manufacturer’s warranties. Zopec Medical will not be responsible and held harmless from incidental or consequential damages claimed to have resulted from the sale, installation implementation or use of any Zopec Medical product. Zopec Medical disclaims all liability for economic loss, loss of profits, overhead or consequential damages which may be claimed to arise from any sale or use of this product. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, check local laws to specify if this exclusion applies to you. 

 Two Year Warranty Coverage 

  • Resvent iBreeze Auto CPAP
  • Resvent iBreeze Auto BiPAP/AVAPS 30STA
  • Beyond ResPlus Auto CPAP
  • Beyond ResPlus BiPap/AVAPS
  • Apex Medical XT Auto CPAP
  • Hypnus 7 Auto BiPAP 

        One Year Warranty Coverage

  • All non-invasive ventilation humidifiers
  • Zopec EXPLORE  Travel CPAP/BiPAP Battery
  • Zopec EXPLORE  Backup UPS CPAP/BiPAP Battery
  • Zopec VOYAGE Universal Battery
  • Zopec TRANSPORT Battery and UPS Backups
  • Zopec PHOTONS  Solar Charger 

Limited Coverage of 90 Days 

  • Disposable filters
  • Reusable filters
  • Water chambers
  • Power cords
  • Carrying cases and bags
  • Chargers (car and wall outlet) 
All Technical Support Issues can be addressed at RMA@Zopec.com, your issue will be assigned to the proper department head for the product in question. Please include serial numbers and contact information on each email for tracking purposes.