Run Time Chart

Reading Instruction:

We divided the Run Time Chart into 3 sections so it is easier to read. After reviewing the charts, please read the recommendations at the bottom of this page. There are 3 Run Time Charts listed below:

  • Chart 1: Run Time WITHOUT Humidifier and Heated Tube. (Longest Run Time)
  • Chart 2: Run Time WITH Humidifier and NO Heated Tube. (Run Time drops 50% - 60%)
  • Chart 3: Run Time WITH Humidifier and WITH Heated Tube. (Run Time drops 75% - 85%)

Please find Your CPAP Machine Name and Your Machine Parameters in the run time charts below for each model of Zopec EXPLORE Travel CPAP Batteries.


  • When running with humidifier, you need EXPLORE 5500/5700 or 8000/8200 to get 8 hours of run time. We recommend humidifier at mid settings.
  • We recommend not to use heated tube unless you have rain-out or tube condensation problems. Otherwise, heated tube will reduce the run time significantly.
  • If you want to run max setting of humidifier or with heated tube and humidifier, you need to get Explore Oxygen to get 16 hours of run time.
  • You can link unlimited number of any Explore Battery to get whatever run time you want for your machine settings. You can link and mix any model together also.

If you need additional data, please contact us and we will run the test for you at no cost. Typical turn-around-time is less than 3 business days.